One Generation to the Next

Crafted In America For 50 Years

Portrait of the Massouds

“Welcome to our website, and thanks for joining us during our 50th Anniversary Celebration. It’s a milestone my dad probably didn’t consider when he started our company back in 1963 with loans from a few friends. He wasn’t looking that far ahead. He just hoped to build a solid business to support his family. Well, he certainly succeeded, perhaps beyond his wildest expectations. And he passed on to me and all of us at Massoud a company and a reputation as honored as any in the industry.

“We’re the beneficiaries of Dad’s legacy—a heritage that has made Massoud the unique company it is today. We’re proud of our past. And as we look to the future, we remain dedicated to the principles that made our first 50 years so great. Those years made us a different kind of furniture company. And as you browse these pages, I think you’ll discover for yourself just what a difference that makes. For us, and for you.”

— Chuck Massoud

Celebrating fifty years